• X-Man Tornado V3M (Pioneer Edition)

    good cube, smooth and fast but a bit too fast so I overshoot a lot, also the magnets can be stronger.
    lucas.renjingliu4 April 2024
  • GAN Robot

    I just wanted to know would it or another gan robot be able to solve my 5x5x5
    sambo_away24 January 2024
  • GAN 356 I Carry Smart Cube

    really good
    cubing is great28 August 2022
  • GAN 11 M Pro

    very good cube. Its good for beginner and pros.It gets its so fast and magnets are great. but the price is quit high for a cube I recommend it if you can buy it
    mitch14 June 2022
  • GAN Magnetic Pyraminx ( Standard )

    I like this cube
    Omar20 May 2022
  • YuXin Speed Cube Timer V2

    I think it is identical to the speedstacks g4 other that its cheaper
    Milan Struyf17 May 2022
  • YJ YuLong V2 M Magnetic 3X3

    Wasn’t the best out of the box and has weak magnets. Good customising options though, and would work better with lube. This would be good to buy if you want a cheap magnetic cube.
    Ted9 May 2022
  • GAN Robot

    its a very usefle tool when you stuck on a rubics cube
    Xiaoxue23 April 2022
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